Do you really know if you have a service technician in your home or is it a salesman in disguise?  

HVAC Tune-Ups & Maintenance

Oftentimes, those who’s systems experience breakdown and premature failure are those who failed to schedule annual HVAC maintenance and overlooked preventive measures like changing the filter every few months, for example. But it doesn’t have to get to that point if you’re unsure of the benefits and question the necessity of tune-up or maintenance keep reading.

Benefits of Tune Ups and Maintenance 

AC maintenance is likely required for home and business owners to protect the manufacturer’s warranty. If neglected, you could get stuck with costly repair and replacement prices. The system has to be taken care of, like anything else of value to you want to last. In addition to preserving the warranty, regular maintenance and tune up offer the following benefits: 

•    Fewer Repair Calls                                                                                                              

•    Longer Life Span

•    Enhanced Efficiency

•    Improved Air Quality

•    Restore Proper Function 

•    Helps Prevent Breakdowns

•    Identify/Resolve Problems Early

•    Lower Cooling Costs

•    Manufacturer Warranty Intact

•    Improved Reliability

•    Peace of Mind

What happens if I neglect AC maintenance?

Failing to maintain your HVAC system can lead to unwanted costs and can shorten the lifespan of your unit by half, in some cases. When you fail to schedule regular tune-ups, you can expect increased energy bills, increased cost for repairs and more.

How often should I schedule air conditioning maintenance?

 We recommend AC maintenance tune-ups once per year (at a minimum), followed by another 6 months after that, if possible. Be sure to check with our technicians to verify manufacturer requirements for maintenance and tune-up schedules.

Schedule Your AC Tune-Up or Maintenance Appointment Today!

During a service appointment our highly trained technicians will assess the system for issues commonly found, as well as give attention to any specific issues you indicate. Each component of your system is evaluated, the air filter can be changed if needed, critical parts are cleaned and lubricated, thermostat inspected, recalibrated and an inspection all electrical connections and wires is done. Fill out our contact form here, and we will contact you to schedule an appointment.