Do you really know if you have a service technician in your home or is it a salesman in disguise?  

New HVAC Systems in Florida

Does your Air Conditioning or Heating Unit struggle to meet your comfort needs? Do you notice a fluctuation in your utility bills?

It might be time to consider upgrading your Air Conditioning and Heating System.  

Arrigo Air & Heat can remove your old system and replace it with a genuine Daikin air conditioning system.  We offer heat pump and direct cool systems.


Here are just a few of the quality options and aspects of genuine Daikin Systems.

     *  Quiet Performance

     *  Energy Efficiency

     *  Inverter Technology

     *  Variable Speed Compressor

     *  Comfort Net Compatible (TM)

     *  Models up to 24.5 SEER Ratings

Residential Replacements

When Brevard County, FL., temperatures soar into the 80's and beyond, reliable air conditioning is a must! We know it can be incredibly frustrating when your A/C unit stops functioning properly, especially if you’ve had a total system failure. It can be tempting to hurriedly call the first HVAC service company number you can find and take their word to do whatever they say. Anything to get back to being cool and comfortable, right? However, a quick solution may actually cost you more in the long run. 

We urge you to do your research, take a little time, read through our many reviews and give us a call. The technician we send to your home is a technician, not a salesman who will try to upsell and pressure you into purchases you don’t need. In the event you do need to replace the A/C unit, or the HVAC system in its entirety - Arrigo Air & Heat has you covered!  We will suggest a replacement system based on your needs, the size and the age of your home, along with other factors. 

We are Daikin Comfort Pro certified. What this means for you is that we offer the very best innovative products offered by a global provider that is unrivaled for their high standards of quality, warranties and customer satisfaction.

Do I need to replace my air conditioning system?

Signs you need to replace your system include similar signs to just needing a repair, so take note of any functions that are out of the ordinary. Things like: constant cycling (unit turning on and off constantly), uneven cooling, rise in electric bill, unusually noisy operation. 

You may need a replacement if you’ve already needed a few repairs just to keep the unit going. Also, make sure your AC isn’t “over-the-hill” and check its age against the manufacturer’s estimated lifespan. If your unit is 15 years old, it is definitely time for a replacement, and don’t delay! Total system failures seem to come at the most inconvenient times, save yourself and your family the stress and of being uncomfortable. 

Schedule a Service Appointment with Arrigo Air & Heat

The best way to know for sure if it is time to replace your air conditioner is to schedule an appointment with our technicians. We can perform an assessment, and provide you with an educated opinion on the state of your current system and how it functions. We will let you know if we suggest a replacement and why.